San Angelo Chat Room

(14:03:13) guest-586:

Any ladies from san angelo

(23:56:03) guest-616:


(23:56:26) guest-616:

29 female

(23:57:31) guest-616:

Anyone else in this room?

(01:27:20) guest-619:

wut up ladies

(03:59:10) guest-643:

Is this for real lol

(04:34:18) guest-643:


(06:20:38) guest-644:

what's up?

(06:21:18) guest-644:

oh well

(02:59:54) guest-697:


(03:00:02) guest-697:


(03:01:04) guest-697:

26 m in town for work looking to hangout with some people

(03:03:37) guest-697:

Nobody n here?

(05:46:44) guest-705:

im in here fool

(05:48:54) guest-705:

i run san angelo

(06:06:46) guest-710:

what's up everyone?

(19:36:18) guest-723:

im shannel from san angelo tx

(19:37:05) guest-723:

im 27 female in san angelo single

(03:59:00) guest-745:

anyone here?

(03:59:31) guest-745:

This is pathetic....

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